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Bacchus Wines PLDC

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quality, award-winning wines

Bacchus Wines PLDC Ltd. is an independent estate-wine merchant offering joyful and affordable wines to trade and individuals alike.

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Bacchus Wines PLDC

Bacchus Wines PLDC Ltd is an independent estate-wine merchant

B a c c h u s P L D C - w i n e s a n d s p i r i t s

Our wines

Fine wines sold mainly in boxes of six 750 ml bottles

What an amazing coupling! The Cuvee Prestige Champagne by Paul Lebrun was the perfect match with the haggis. It made a welcome break from the whisky without ruining the palate. We always expect amazing things when Chef Tim (Whittam) does our Burn’s Night, this was no exception. We have already requested that he brings a few bottles next year

Dean and Sam Hucklesby Burns' Night dinner party hosts where Chef Tim Whittam oversaw the food and drinks.

At Madhuban, we specialise in award-winning Bangladeshi/Indian cuisine. We work with quality ingredients, spices and flavours and know that our discerning customers enjoy exciting dishes. We enjoy offering them beautiful wines to pair with their food, and the Bacchus Wines PLDC collection from Chateau de Parenchere is ideal for our style of cooking. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for wine are outstanding, and we trust Pierre-Loup DeCam, who we have known for more than 30 years, for his invaluable support to ensure that our customers get great value and tasty wines.

Lodue & Bedar Miah Owners of Madhuban in Hampshire

I have enjoyed drinking good quality Champagne for more than forty years and the Cuvée Prestige from Paul Lebrun is amongst the best I have ever tried!

Anders Cassel Partner Kingsgate Associates

Nothing has been more English than being part of the Archers on the BBC, the longest running soap opera in the world. For me 48 years of playing Brian Aldridge has been an honour. A year or so ago I met for the first time Pierre-Loup Decam at a wine tasting in Petersfield. That too was an honour as this infectious Frenchman introduced me to the wines of Chateau de Parenchere for the first time. Since then, Pierre’s enthusiastic expertise has guided and persuaded me to buy and enjoy these truly mouth-watering wines without being at a mouth-watering cost! At first rather cautiously, I drank the Superior Rouge "Cuvee Raphael" but I now savour as well the "Esprit de Parenchere" liquid bliss, and in warmer weather the pale pink beauty of La Roseraie. May Pierre, Bacchus Wines and the grapes of Chateaux de Parenchere continue to bring me and the wider world liquid joy for many years to come.

Charles Collingwood Canadian-born British Actor & star of The Archers

Pierre-Loup and I have been blessed with a friendship that has lasted for over half a century. We both worked in agriculture, and I particularly in the development of Château de Parenchère with my father Raphael, from whom I took over in 1970. This love for the land and the terroir naturally strengthened our ties. And what has always pleased me about Pierre Loup's approach to wine is that he has always been interested in WINE apart from any consideration of classification, notoriety or fashion.

Jean Gazaniol Creator of the fine wines of Ch. De Parenchère

I have been buying wines from Pierre-Loup (Bacchus Wines PLDC) for over twenty-two years. When I owned the Michelin-starred JSW Restaurant in Hampshire, and since retiring, I've stocked my cellar with the joyful wines of Château de Parenchère. They are my go-to wines, and I always receive excellent wines and service.

Jake Saul Watkins JSW Restaurant

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