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BordeauxMerlot Grape for Marvellous Wines
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Merlot Grape for Marvellous Wines

Merlot is a red wine grape variety ideal for making delicious wine. One of the most famous of all the wine grapes, it has strong links to the Bordeaux region and the southwest of France’s viniculture. The versatile wine grape variety is grown worldwide and used in winemaking globally. Its attributes include a silky soft finish, juicy fruit and excellent for blending. Merlot grapes can also be rich and oaky, making them ideal for winemaking with an exciting profile. 

In terms of flavour, the wine produced from Merlot grapes tends to be fruit-based and often attributed to plum and cherry with hints of gentle spice. Its fruity nature and friendly disposition make the grape perfect for blending and drinking. In addition, merlot grapes tend to be on the larger side, with smaller pips and thinner skins, so their juicy softness can calm the more tannic counterparts when blending with wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc.

Typically, Merlot tends to possess a medium to a fuller body, which is dry with moderate acidity. The tannins are softer but present and blessed with abundant flavour profiles, including the aforementioned plum and cherry and spice, cocoa, oak, blackberries, and herbs. In a nutshell, Merlot offers marvellous flavours, aromas and nuances.

Merlot grapes can also be used to produce rose and white wines, thanks to their varying colour profile. The younger the wine, the less intense the colour the grapes have. One distinct characteristic of Merlot wine is a slightly orange hue along the edges of the wineglass, so if you’re blind tasting, keep an eye out for that. 

vineyard wine tasting

Merlot wine is an easy to drink wine and is delicious on its own or with food. It can be one of the safest choices when preparing a feast because it works well with most meats and especially grilled beef. It is also excellent with pungent and fatty cheeses and delicious with chicken with vegetables, lentils and roasted vegetables, especially on-the-wine grilled tomatoes. We love its versatility!


Our online shop stocks a lovely handpicked collection of Bordeaux wines with a heavy Merlot percentage.

100% Merlot

The Bordeaux Clairet is a particularly aromatic wine with deep red fruit colour. It is more substantial than traditional rosés, with good body and exuberant fruitiness. This roundness and pronounced structure make it a perfect rosé for gastronomy. This unique wine is called a ‘rosé of Saignées’ thanks to the longer maceration before fermentation begins.

The grape varieties vary from vintage to vintage, but the 2020 vintage is 100 % Merlot.

70% Merlot

Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge is a traditional Chateau de Parenchère blend that is fleshy, with a very deeply coloured robe. Characterised with a good balance between fruit and tannin, it displays distinct red fruit aromas with a long, sustained finish.

The blend contains an approximate 70% Merlot which offers suppleness, fruitiness, and roundness. 

50% Merlot 

The flagship wine of Chateau de Parenchère, the Cuvée Raphaël, is a dense, concentrated wine with elegant tannins and a mellow and smooth finish. The wine is elegantly woody but not excessively to leave plenty of room for the fruit. The blend varies from vintage to vintage depending on the success of a particular grape variety, but it’s usually around 50% Merlot. 

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