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DiningPairing Wines with Spicy Food

Pairing Wines with Spicy Food

Pairing wines with spicy food may seem tricky because Indian, Bangladeshi, Asian and Mexican cuisines offer bold flavours and can pack some heat. But pairing wines with spicy food is not a hard as it seems. The trick is to match wine that creates harmony and balance, ensuring that neither the wine nor the food dominates the other. 

Consider the food first. What are the ingredients? And what flavour profiles are less dominating? For example, is the spicy food less acidic, sweet or bitter? Once you know, you can find a wine that compliments the less dominating features of the dish because the wine you then choose should balance the less dominating flavours. 

It’s common knowledge that sweetness and spice work in harmony together. Sweetness helps to soothe bitterness and softens heat while drawing out flavours you might not expect. Like salt, which draws out flavours in vegetables and meat, sugar does the same thing with spices. 

The key to any food and wine pairing is to achieve a good balance of flavour. The acidity will encourage you to salivate and cleanse your palate, so a more acidic wine between spicy courses is the ideal choice. Sparkling wines and champagnes are fantastic with spicy foods because the high acidity and sweetness can pacify bold flavours and reset your mouth for more deliciousness. 

We suggest avoiding heavy tannins and higher percentage alcohol wines with spicy foods as they can clash and distort strong spice flavours. But if you love red wine, you’re in luck because juicy, crunchy, fruit-forward red wines work really well with foods featuring spices.  

Our L’Équilibriste Bordeaux Rouge by Château de Parenchère boasts the classic structure of Bordeaux wines with great aromas. It is a beautiful deep purple-red colour with nuances of blackcurrant, blackberry, and blueberry and notes of peony and violet on the nose. On the palate, it is round, with crunchy and juicy fruit. Mineral and floral flavours continue a subtle and silky tannic framework.

Rose wines are great with spicy food, especially long-ripened wines with a lot of fruit on the nose. Our Bordeaux Clairet is a particularly aromatic wine with deep red fruit colour. It is more substantial than traditional rosés, with a good body and exuberant fruitiness. This roundness and pronounced structure make it a perfect rosé for gastronomy. The Bordeaux Clairet is versatile and great with spiced food and Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine featuring meat and seafood.

Esteemed Chef Jake S. Watkins explains, “I just opened Château de Parenchère Bordeaux Clairet rosé. It went perfectly with my Asian spiced mussel soup. It balanced with the warmth of the spices perfectly. Bravo!”


Madhuban, is a Hampshire-based award-winning tandoori restaurant that specialises in Bangladeshi/Indian cuisine. They utilise exciting ingredients in their dishes and have been rated as one of the top 100 Indian restaurants in the UK. The team’s enthusiasm and passion for beautiful and flavoursome food span decades, and they offer Bacchus Wines to their customers.

Lodue & Bedar Miah, owners of Madhuban, explain, “At Madhuban, we specialise in award-winning Bangladeshi/Indian cuisine. We work with quality ingredients, spices and flavours and know that our discerning customers enjoy exciting dishes. We enjoy offering them beautiful wines to pair with their food, and the Bacchus Wines PLDC collection from Chateau de Parenchere is ideal for our style of cooking. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for wine are outstanding, and we trust Pierre-Loup DeCam, who we have known for more than 30 years, for his invaluable support to ensure that our customers get great value and tasty wines.”

All you need to consider is balance if you love spicy food and good wines. The key to pairing wines with spicy food is the balance between the spice’s heat and acidity and the wine’s sweetness and acidity. Our wine range is ideal for foodies, sippers and those who enjoy sharing their love of wine. 

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