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Bacchus PLDC

chateau de parenchereReasons to Buy from Independent Wine Merchants
Bacchus Wines PLDC independent wine merchant

Reasons to Buy from Independent Wine Merchants

There are numerous reasons to buy wine from independent merchants like us! Bacchus Wines PLDC Ltd. is an independent UK-based wine merchant offering joyful and affordable wines to collectors, wine lovers, and select hospitality businesses. Our collection is small yet perfectly hand-picked by our founders. Our wines are selected on merit and never dictated by trends. We showcase family-run vineyards that have been producing quality wine for decades. We offer top-quality, award-winning, beautiful wines at excellent prices and ageing potential. Because we manage all imports and customs, we buy directly from the vineyard, keeping the costs down. We also offer wine tastings to everyone, not just those who buy in bulk. We can provide advice on food pairing and significant discounts to those who sign up for online accounts.

So, what are the benefits of buying from an independent wine merchant?

Unlike bigger wine merchants, at Bacchus Wines, we have simplified the wine-selling business and select our wines carefully. We work with wine estates with whom we know personally and have long-standing relationships. We also choose wines that are not faddy and specifically pick wines based on our decades of experience in the hospitality industry, so we know what drinkers and diners will enjoy. 

What else can Bacchus Wines offer?

As well as our personal approach to selling wine, we offer the following services:

  • Great prices
  • Wine tastings
  • Significant discounts
  • Online accounts
  • Handling of all shipping & logistics from vineyards
  • Decades of experience in hospitality
  • Help with food & wine pairing
  • Sourcing rare wines
  • The option to buy smaller quantities 

Who Shops with Bacchus Wines? 

As well as many private buyers who wish to host a dinner party or stock up their cellars, we work with chefs from all over the UK. Chef and restaurateur Jake Saul Watkins owned and operated the Michelin-starred JSW Restaurant in Hampshire and has been a fan of the Château de Parenchère wines for decades. Our flagship collection includes the ‘Magnificent Seven’ from the award-winning Chateau de Parenchère, which has a long and well-established history in viticulture, producing award-winning wines. 

Jake explains, “I have been buying wines from Pierre-Loup (Bacchus Wines PLDC) for over twenty-two years. When I owned the Michelin-starred JSW Restaurant in Hampshire, and since retiring, I stocked my cellar with the joyful wines of Château de Parenchère. They are my go-to wines, and I always receive excellent wines and service.” 

To coincide with our personal wine service, we can arrange wine tastings and offer insights into each winemaker. We have extensive knowledge of French wines, gained by co-founder Pierre-Loup Decam, who has worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. Bacchus Wines PLDC already supplies restaurants, bars, hotels and caterers and would like to hear from new venues. 

If you enjoy top-quality wine and champagne with provenance from winemakers who respect the terroir and the environment, get in touch. Explore our range if you’re after fair prices (with significant discounts offered to new customers), quality and satisfaction. 

We want to hear from you!

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