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chateau de parenchereReasons to Love Organic Wine
Reasons to Love Organic Wine

Reasons to Love Organic Wine

At Bacchus Wines PLDC, we love wine. We drink it, talk about it, share it, and sell it. We are not interested in the latest fads or big labels. We’re only interested in quality, value and provenance. Here are the reasons to love organic wine.

Wine has been enjoyed for centuries, yet production methods have not evolved dramatically over the years. Any evolution through chemical and mechanical methods has benefited viniculture in terms of sales, but it may have been at the cost of the environment. Some vineyards are looking back to move forward and converting their wine production to organic. 

Organic wines offer a surprising range of benefits, both for you and the environment. Taking inspiration from past generations when chemical fertilisers or machines were rarely or not used, some vintners are converting their vineyards to organic, focusing on their future for generations to come. 

Reasons to Love Organic Wine

A Sip of Sustainability

Organic wine production starts in the vineyard. Here, growers ditch synthetic pesticides and herbicides, opting for natural methods to nurture their grapes. This not only protects the land from harmful chemicals but also promotes biodiversity. Imagine a flourishing ecosystem teeming with beneficial insects and healthy soil – that’s the foundation of organic wine!

Purity in Every Glass

Organic grapes translate to purer wines. Free from artificial additives and with lower levels of sulfites (a common preservative), organic wines offer a more natural flavour profile. For some, this could mean fewer headaches and a smoother drinking experience.

Less is More: The Sugar Advantage

Many commercially produced wines add sugar to enhance sweetness or mask imperfections. Organic wines typically contain less, if any, added sugar. This translates to a more authentic taste experience, allowing the natural grape flavours to shine through. 

Flavour Beyond the Hype

Organic wines aren’t about sacrificing taste for health benefits. Quite the contrary! Organic farming practices often result in grapes with more concentrated flavours and a richer character. There are so many reasons to love organic wine, so, you can enjoy a delicious and complex drinking experience while knowing you’re making a healthier choice.

Our flagship wine producer, the award-winning family-run Château de Parenchère, has been looking back to move forward in their wine production, which began in the 1950s. The winemakers began their sustainability focus in 2008 and, for over fifteen years, have converted their vineyards to produce organic wine. The process has been long and arduous but is important to the chateau. The entire vineyard ecology has undergone a tremendous change, but the family are committed to it and excited about the results. 

But why organic? Managing Director Richard Curty told us. “We believe this is the best option to preserve our soil biodiversity as much as possible and, more generally, to preserve the environment. We also think this type of culture translates into more pure and vivid wines.”

Surely, producing organic wine will affect the wine’s ageing potential. That is not the case! Curty explains. “We do not believe that ‘going organic’ will impact the longevity of our wines. We believe that it will create brighter, more expressive wines and that they will reveal the best of our terroir.” 

For more reasons to love organic wine, read the full story of Château de Parenchère‘s organic conversion here and discover their wines in our online wine shop here

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