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DiningWine Fridges: Do You Need One? 
wine fridges

Wine Fridges: Do You Need One? 

There’s no short answer to this relatively new question. At Bacchus Wines, we get asked many questions on the subject. What’s wrong with a kitchen fridge, anyway? I keep my wine in the basement. We don’t all have cellars, but wine fridges and cooling and conditioning units are now more popular than ever, so we went to investigate. 

One thing is for sure: however you store wine, it must never, ever, ever be in sunlight or the open. Proper storage is paramount for wine lovers. Wine isn’t just a beverage; it’s an experience waiting to be uncorked. But how do you ensure your wines mature gracefully instead of turning to vinegar? Enter the world of wine fridges, cooling and conditioning units.

Wine Fridge vs. Fridge: What’s the Difference?

Your standard kitchen fridge might keep things cold, but it’s not ideal for wine. Wine fridges are designed to mimic a traditional wine cellar’s cool, dark, and stable environment. 

Here’s why they reign supreme:

  • Temperature control: Wine fridges maintain consistent temperatures, typically between 10-13°C. This is crucial for preventing wine from spoiling or losing its unique character.
  • Humidity control: Most wine fridges regulate humidity levels, around 50-70%, which helps prevent corks from drying out and letting in air.
  • Light filtration: Wine is sensitive to light, especially ultraviolet rays. Wine fridges use tinted glass or UV-protected doors to shield your collection.
  • Vibration dampening: Constant vibrations can disrupt the delicate ageing process. Wine fridges minimize vibrations to ensure your wines rest peacefully.

Choosing the Right Wine Fridge, Cooling and conditioning units

Not all wine fridges are created equal. Here are some factors to consider when selecting your perfect pick:

  • Size and capacity: How many bottles do you plan to store? Consider your current collection and future wine aspirations.
  • Single or dual zone: If you enjoy both red and white wines, a dual-zone fridge lets you store them at their ideal serving temperatures.
  • Freestanding or built-in: Freestanding fridges offer flexibility, while built-in models provide a seamless kitchen integration.
  • Features: For added security, look for extras like adjustable shelves, digital temperature control displays, and even lockable doors.

Here are some of our favourite wine fridges and cooling and conditioning units. 

Miele Wine Cooling and Conditioning Units

Miele is one of the go-to kitchen appliance brands we love. Their innovative technology has made it even easier to choose a wine fridge. From freestanding to integrated, their wine fridges come in many sizes. 

A standard feature on all their wine units is an integrated UV filter on the glass doors, so you can showcase your precious wines while knowing they’re protected.

Gaggenau Wine Climate Cabinets

Wine needs to be stored, protected, showcased and prepared for enjoyment, and Gaggenau is another great brand to consider. Their wine climate cabinets offer competing functions that are equal to a wine cellar.

Their smaller wine climate cabinets can be integrated neatly beneath a kitchen island or worktop and store up to 34 bottles in two climate zones set to an exact temperature between 5 °C and 20 °C. Uncompromising in all but size, they offer extendable bottle trays of beech and aluminium, air filtering, UV protection, humidity control, LED presentation lighting, and cushioned door closing so as not to disturb sediment.

Sub-Zero Wolf Wine Storage

Sub-Zero Wolf Wine Storage

Sub-Zero Wolf is another fantastic brand for all kitchen appliances, but we particularly like its super slim ‘column’ wine storage design, which is ideal for smaller kitchens. Red and white wines are stored in separate temperature zones that keep to the serving temperatures within one degree of setpoint. It is also Wi-Fi enabled, which provides important door-ajar notifications and remote service assistance diagnostics—all from your mobile device.

A wine fridge isn’t just a fancy appliance; it’s an investment in your wine collection. Providing optimal storage conditions ensures your wines reach their full potential and bring you years of enjoyment. And if you already have one and need to fill it out, discover our handpicked wine range here

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