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BordeauxBordeaux Clairet 2020
bacchus wines bordeaux clairet

Bordeaux Clairet 2020

The Bordeaux Clairet by Château de Parenchère is a particularly aromatic wine with deep red fruit colour. It is more substantial than traditional rosés, with good body and exuberant fruitiness. This roundness and pronounced structure make it a perfect rosé for gastronomy.

This unique wine is called a ‘rosé of Saignées’ thanks to the longer maceration before fermentation begins.


100% Merlot.


The estate is located at the easternmost reaches of the Bordeaux region, bordering the Dordogne department. The total size of the estate is 188 HA, of which 69 HA are dedicated to the vineyard (63 hectares of red grape varieties and 6 hectares of white).


The estate dates from the 16th Century and the château was built in 1731.


The average age of the vineyard is 25 years old, and the oldest vines are nearly 50 years old.


The vines are planted on chalky clay soils, on the estate’s best-exposed plots and solely on hillsides so that rainwater drains away naturally.


The Clairet is created using the Saignées process (the bleeding of the vats). After 48 hours of skin maceration at a very low temperature (less than 10°C), Parenchère separates the juices from the solid parts (grapes skins and pulps). Fermentation then begins at low temperature (around 13°C) in order to keep a maximum of fruit aromas and freshness that will last three weeks. They leave 1-2 grams of residual sugar in order to accentuate the body and the roundness in the mouth.

The wine is bottled three months after fermentation with a relatively high degree of natural carbonic gas to give emphasis to the freshness of this wine.


The Bordeaux Clairet is very versatile and great with spiced food, Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine, BBQ, pasta, meat and seafood.


2020 vintageMichel Bettane and Thierry Desseauve

“Well done. Intense and sustained colour. Concentrated and intensely aromatic. It is a Clairet of personality with a good volume in the mouth.”

“Just opened Château de Parenchère Bordeaux Clairet rosé. It went perfectly with my Asian spiced mussel soup. It balanced with the warmth of the spices perfectly. Bravo!”

Chef Jake S. Watkins


Concours International Gilbert & Gaillard 2021: Gold Medal

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bordeaux clairet
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