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Creating a Wine List

Creating a wine list is a challenging but rewarding task for sommeliers. It requires a deep understanding of wine and the ability to select cuvées that appeal to a wide range of customers.

At Bacchus Wines PLDC, we are a boutique wine merchant specialising in wine for the hospitality industry. Our small but perfectly curated wine collection is handpicked from well-established vintners in France. 

We’re not wine snobs; we just love good wine! We have decades of experience in the hospitality industry and know that good wine your customers will love can be affordable. As a result, we offer excellent, award-winning wines affordable to bars, restaurants and pubs with top markup potential. Our chosen wines must tick all the boxes – quality, provenance, affordability and great taste – for us to offer them to venues. 

We understand what people want to drink because we have worked in the hospitality industry for years, running public houses offering food. Our chosen wines are not dictated by trends or price margins but on merit, so we can assist sommeliers and buyers with their wines. Here are our tips for creating the perfect wine list.

Photo: Brad Neathery

Understanding Your Target Audience

It may be obvious, but understanding your target audience is vital when buying wine for a bar, restaurant or pub. Who are you trying to attract with your wine list? Are you looking to appeal to a casual wine drinker or a serious connoisseur? How much are they likely to spend? Do you serve food and need a wider variety of wine, or are your customers looking for a quality bottle of wine to share with friends? 

Photo: JP Valery

Variety of Wines

Don’t just offer a few of your favourite wines. Your wine list should provide a small variety of reds, whites, rosés, sparkling wines, and dessert wines. Days of a long book of wines are thankfully over. No customer wants pages and pages of wines to choose from. A pared-down, concise and considered wine list of handpicked wines will show your customers that you care as much about the wine you sell as the food you serve and the customer service you provide.

Photo: Camille Brodard

Offer a Range of Prices

Not everyone wants to spend much money on wine every time they step out or dine. Sometimes, they do, but often, they want a good quality bottle of wine that is reasonable. Make sure your wine list offers a range of prices for everyone. You’ll sell more bottles of a good ‘house’ wine that your customers know is chosen by you for the right reasons. A lousy wine reflects as much about you, your establishment, and the food you serve. So, even at the lower price, ensure the wine is quaffable! A reputable wine merchant should be able to offer a good range with markup potential. 

Photo: Arisa Chattasa

Include Tasting Notes & Know Your Stuff 

Tasting notes can help customers choose the right wine for their taste. Be sure to include tasting notes for all the wines on your list, but keep it brief. Ensure you know the wines you’re selling, which will help you answer customer questions, make recommendations and be willing to help customers choose the right wine for their taste and budget, making them feel confident and appreciated.

A good wine merchant (like us) can assist and offer detailed information on each cuvee, vineyard and the people behind the wines. 

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