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Bacchus PLDC

BordeauxMeet Co-founder Pierre-Loup DeCam
Pierre-Loup DeCam

Meet Co-founder Pierre-Loup DeCam

Pierre-Loup DeCam’s roots began in Morocco, where he grew up on his parent’s 475 ha farm that yielded crops and wine grapes. However, as French nationals, they were obligated to move back to France in the mid/late 1960. But thanks to his ‘CIDERA’ Jesuites’ diploma, his family were given access to investment funds enabling them to acquire an 87-ha farm in Les Peyroux, around Ste. Foy la Grande, Gironde. After leaving school, Pierre-Loup worked closely with his father and other farmers in the region, and his lifelong friendship with the son of Raphael Gazaniol, the founder of Chateau Parenchère, was established.

In 1975 he landed a job with a local arm of ICI Plant Protection Division, SOPRA France. Here, Pierre-Loup was ultimately successful in creating, with the Bordeaux wine authorities, the Concours des vins de la Foire de Sigoules/Monbazillac. The five-day wine fair competition included thirty-six top ‘Viticulteurs’ of the Bergeracois, which contributed enormously to his Dordogne area of responsibility in the vines’ market share by ten-fold during his tenure.

This successful adventure ultimately saw Pierre-Loup’s efforts rewarded with a promotion to settle in Fernhurst/Haslemere. Then, in the early 1980s, at ICI PPD HQ, he took the responsibility as Country Manager for East and West Africa. Later on, three more North African countries were added and expanded the entire business.

The 1990s were a fine decade, and towards the latter part, Pierre-Loup launched the original Bacchus Wines, which led him to take on a lease of a rather wonderful 500-year-old pub in Haslemere. His passion for great food and drink saw the turnover of the pub quadruple in just three years, and he was very successful in introducing the wines of Parenchère to his guests, particularly the house wine which he called Les Selections du Patron.

As a popular and successful publican, Pierre-Loup was the driving force behind many hospitality events. One of his most treasured was The Restaurant Grand Charity Dinner at The South Downs College Restaurant in 2008 and 2009. In aid of Hospitality Action and The Ark Foundation with Peter Kay, the charity event saw a host of the most famous chefs in the UK make seven delicious dishes, including Angela Hartnett, Marcus Wareing, Heston Blumenthal, John Williams MBE of the Ritz hotel in London, John Campbell and Jake S. Watkins. The event raised over £15,000 for local charities. Pierre-Loup has also been involved with Jake S. Watkins of JSW Michelin star Restaurant for more than twenty years.

An unfortunate cancer diagnosis ended Pierre-Loup’s publican life, but his love of life saw him bounce back. In 2018 he agreed to be a champion for Parenchère wines, which ultimately led, two years later, to the creation of Bacchus Wines PLDC Limited in partnership with CardsSafe Limited.

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  • Zaatri mohamed

    Je serais très heureux d’avoir des nouvelles de MR pierre loup décam , de la part d’une ancienne relation d’Algerie Mr Zaatri mohamed Souvenir .

  • Zaatri Mohammed

    Avoir des nouvelles de MR Pierre loup decam .

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