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ChampagneIntroducing Paul Lebrun Champagne
Paul Lebrun Champagne

Introducing Paul Lebrun Champagne

We are pleased to announce our UK-exclusive partnership with Champagne house Paul Lebrun

Available online or through consultation, the Paul Lebrun Champagne collection joins Château de Parenchère and Château du Rooy as part of our French wine selection. The UK-exclusive deal will see Bacchus Wines as the sole distributor of the award-winning Champagne.

Trond Rornes, Co-Founder of Bacchus Wines PLDC, explains, “We are very excited to bring the fantastic champagnes by Paul Lebrun to the UK market. The Champagne house has been expertly making Champagne for generations, and we love the unique character and the rich taste of Chardonnay their Champagnes offer. We know our customers will love them as much as we do.”

Founded in 1902, Paul Lebrun draws its inspiration from multi-generational winemaking know-how. The vineyards of the Maison are largely located on the prestigious Côte des Blancs in Cramant, one of the 17 villages classified as Grand Cru in Champagne. Through their wines, the Vignier-Lebrun family seeks to highlight the unique character and the rich taste of Chardonnay. It is the only grape variety grown on their chalky soils south of Épernay and on the soils rich in rolled pebbles in Sézanne, which are rare in the Champagne vineyards. Aged in cellars dug into limestone, keeping the temperatures constant all year round, offering quality and consistency.

To begin with, we will stock three Paul Lebrun Champagnes made from 100% Chardonnay.
The three cuvées include:

Carte d’Or Brut 

Carte d’Or Brut by Paul Lebrun is “a champagne to enjoy anytime”.  It is dedicated to giving the note of conviviality essential to a triumphant welcome. It is composed of 100% Chardonnay grapes. Offering a brilliant pale gold colour, fine bubbles, and a nose of candied lemon, peaches and pears.

Extra Brut 

Extra Brut Champagne, by Paul Lebrun, is “the ultimate expression of a great champagne”. The yellow robe with golden glints is enhanced with a flurry of delicate bubbles. It is a champagne that is not overly sweet but precise and elegant.

Cuvee Prestige Brut 

Cuvée Prestige by Paul Lebrun is a refined and elegant champagne meeting the highest expectations of demanding connoisseurs. It is aged on lees for a minimum of forty-eight months and produced in vats and oak barrels.

Independent chef Tim Whittam told us, “I served the Extra Brut Champagne at my Burns Night supper club. The citrus notes and creaminess complimented my salmon’s salty, smoky notes. The Champagne solicited much praise from the diners!” Anders Cassel, Partner at Kingsgate Associates, adds, “I have enjoyed drinking good quality Champagne for more than forty years, and the Cuvée Prestige from Paul Lebrun is amongst the best I have ever tried!”

At Bacchus Wines PLDC, we plan to add new lines from hand-picked family-owned wine estates to their collection throughout 2023. And are pleased to offer hand-picked wines to restaurants, bars, and private wine enthusiasts.

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